Rising Clouds from the North

...they crawl and gather

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Maze's corner.
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The shape of the Clouds.
Rising Clouds is a fandom sharing comunity created by maze_of_spades. The reason for this community's excistence is purely to spread fandom. All of the things shared are for people to enjoy~
The weather brought by the Clouds.
The raws shared are not to be used in scanlations. At the moment there is only locked and unlocked posts and I do wish it to stay like that.
So please, no scanlating. Otherwise I'll have to make the things harder for everyone which I do not want to do.

If you want to scanlate something I've scanned, ask first by commenting here~ In some occasions it is okay (for example if there's almost no scans of certain series around) in my books since many fans buy series after reading scanlations. ^^
The colors darkened by the Clouds.
I am just doing this for my own pleasure, but if you happen to have a one-shot/chapter from Ward, Arcana or Kurofune you can't get from anywhere, you can request it here by commenting~
a*d, aki, andel's doubt, arcana, a・d -天使の嘘-, haigakura, kiri route of infection, kurofune zero, manga, olimpos, saiyuki, tenshi no uso, zero-sum ward, オリンポス, 天使の嘘